Indigestion and Coffee

Many people rely on a cup of coffee to provide that early morning boost of energy. However, for those who suffer from the discomfort of indigestion in Dallas, it is likely time to find a new caffeinated beverage. Coffee has been shown to contribute to indigestion, whether it is decaffeinated or not, which suggests that some other component in it is irritating the digestive tract. Before naming coffee as the culprit of indigestion, however, it is worthwhile to investigate other causes.

What Causes Indigestion?

The symptom of indigestion is independently related to several conditions, including gastrointestinal reflux disorder (GERD) and overeating. It may occur simultaneously with heartburn, but these two symptoms ultimately have different causes. If there is a frequent experience of heartburn and acid indigestion, then it may be time to see a doctor about a potential diagnosis of GERD, which is an abnormality or weakening of the sphincter that closes off the stomach during digestion.

How Does Coffee Make the Symptoms Worse?

Several of the chemicals contained in a cup of coffee are known to contribute to the risk of high acid gastric secretions. Caffeine may not even be the most active of the list, which also includes N-methyl pyridinium and chlorogenic acid. Cutting back on coffee may reduce the symptoms of acid indigestion, but it alone is not the cause of GERD. It is important to remember that indigestion triggers often vary from person to person, and so it is impossible to say that coffee is a sure cause of heartburn or an upset stomach. In fact, specialists say that an occasional cup may offer health benefits that outweigh the potential risk. The best thing to do is to cut back and see if this leads to a reduction of symptoms.

If GERD is suspected, it is important to get a formal diagnosis for the indigestion in Dallas, because there are medications that can help, as well as a list of other foods and beverages to avoid or use sparingly.

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